Packing Solutions

VCI – Protective Packaging

VCI = Volatile /Vapour Phase Corrosion inhibitors
VCI is an additive that can be brought into most common packaging materials. Once exposed to air, the additive will dissolve into the air and dispose itself as a thin layer on metal surfaces. This layer blocks the access of humidity to the metal and the process of corrosion is prevented. The VCI technology is suitable for corrosion protection during shipment, temporary storage between manufacturing processes and mothballing of seldomly used equipment.

VCI is compatible with most metals and alloys and also work with products consisting of parts made of different metals. VCI requires no grease or oil and no pre-treatment except ensuring that the metal surfaces are dry and clean. The metal product is placed in the VCI packaging material, which is closed and put into the transport packaging.

After unpacking the metal product, the VCI will vanish and the product is ready to use without any cleaning operations. VCI is harmless to health and the environment and the VCI products can be recycled just like any other plastics or paper-based products.

VCI is supplied in plastic foil (flat foil, tube foil, flat bags, zipper bags, gusset bags etc), paper, foam, skin-packaging and also as additive to coatings and industrial oils for enhancing corrosion prevention properties. 3zPack can also offer a combination of a VCI + ESD (Electro static discharge) packaging.

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